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Office Policy for COVID-19

Here’s how you can maintain maximum safety for yourself and others:

Appointments only. Please be on time.  If you arrive early please wait in your vehicle till your appointment time. 

• All Practice Members must wear a mask or face covering to enter.

• If there is another practice member in the reception area please wait for them to leave before entering.

• We hand sanitizer and soap dispenser in the bathroom, as well as hand sanitizer at the front desk and entrainment rooms.

• Masks will be worn by all staff and doctors and we will have limited shifts with appointments spaced out.

• There will be separate stations for sanitized pens and used pens.

• Your temperature will be taken when you enter the office.

If you are expressing signs of fever, shortness of breath, cough and fatigue, please cancel your appointment and contact your primary care doctor.

• If family members and friends who are not yet in care at Balanced Life Wellness accompany you, they will be asked to wait in the car while you have your Session.

• If you have children:  It would be most helpful if you schedule yourself and your family as closely together as possible. We ask that children who need supervision during your care visit remain with another family member if they are not currently under care. 

Tables will be clean and sanitized after each use!

• The door to the adjusting room and the door to the bathroom will be kept open for you, to minimize surface touching.

• You will not have baskets available to you under the tables for a while, so please minimize what you carry into the office. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are coming in for an initial exam or a re-exam, you can wash your hands with soap and water before the exam.   Please DO NOT use the hand sanitizer beforehand.  The alcohol in the sanitizer will give inaccurate readings for your tests. The equipment is thoroughly sanitized between exams. As a new practice for the office, NEW PATIENTS will be seen on Tuesdays to allow a more efficient flow of the office during the days of entrainment and adjustments, as well as to help new patients gain an understanding of the office during this time. 

If You’re Running Late:

Please let us know before the time scheduled for your appointment, if you are running late.   The more time available to adapt to changes in your schedule, the easier it is to create a flow for you and the others in the office, to keep you safe and healthy when you’re coming in to get healthy.

Above all… thank you for your patience! 

These are trying times and every effort is being made to provide you with excellent care. All the guidelines and expectations posted above were created with you in mind because we care about YOU. You are the reason we are here. Your health and life are the top priority for us.